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Jackie Burt

About Me

My interests are broad. My ideas are sometimes too big for my own good, but some of them are crazy enough, they work. 🙂

​I love inventing and implementing solutions of all sorts. I have always believed the answers to the world’s problems lie in embracing progress at a blindingly fast pace. I believe youth and progress are our most powerful tools. 

Most of my career has been centered around K-12 education. I spent a couple of decades crafting a better world for kids. I founded and directed a magical school that taught me all I know about youth, healthy community, and human nature. You can read about it in my book, and/or visit I continue to consult with educators, parents, and students by helping them with creative methods and ideas. 

I am also a lender at a superb independent community bank and I write and create in my free time. ​I enjoy sharing thoughts, ideas, and stories, and I welcome your feedback and discussion.

This website is made from years of collections and experiences. It has an old soul and contains works from many years and many phases of my life.

Please follow my blog, as much more is ready for posting, and I’d love to have you in the loop!


Read Serrated Edge for a glimpse into my purpose and philosophy.

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